I went to Hunterian Museum. When I walked in I saw myriad of containers in the room, and I saw a lots of living things inside the containers. The one that brought me attention is number 3480. When I saw it, I thought it was a baby, but the face is not looks like a baby, so I had a look at the description of this one and I found it is a foetal sloth. I look aroud the room and it's all animals container and some human containers. I went to thr second floor, It's about the surgical instruments, illustrate with examples from the college's historical instrument collection. I also watch a video about the process of a surgery. I learned a lot in this Exhibiton, I saw a lots of interesting machines and I saw the pictures of befor surgery and after surgery. When I went out from the building, I feel a little bit sick, because is's too much dissect autopsies.

All the organs are clearly showed inside the container


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